At Scolapasta restaurant every dish is prepared with care using only the freshest ingredients of high grade.

Accordingly, the menu is written on the blackboard and varies day by day depending on the products offered daily from the sea.

The chef and fisherman Michele Maltinti, whose passion for the sea has starts at young age, has an in-depth knowledge of the fish because he goes very often to harvest the ingredients for the restaurant by himself.

The catches are very frequent, due to its ability but, also, thanks to the good fortune of having a sea full of fish and shellfish.

When he cannot go fishing in the sea,
he receives a supply of the freshest ingredients directly from his fishermen friends.

The ingredients used in the kitchen are obviously fresh, just caught. This allows, thanks to the professionalism of the chef, to savour tasty dishes and rich fragrances.

In addition to fish, the chef Michele also deals with other ingredients, controlling everything from scheduling to sourcing, obtaining in such way a complete menu with a high percentage of bio products.

"To be born and live in a seaside town, to have a boat, gives the possibility to feed passions that you have inside and that in this case are flown into the profession with passion and enthusiasm."

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